Welcome to the CSC Members

On September 25th, our new Catholic School Council was elected. Elected to the following positions are:



Chair Irene Beninato
Co-Chair(s) Elaine Fernandes, Michael Kourtsidis
Co -Treasurer Michelle Tsang, Maria Ilari
Co – Secretary Alan Lok, Sherry Bahaw
Parish Representative Mariana Servinis
Parent Representatives Anna Rickets, Mary Addorisio, Mary Ruberto, Pam Gibeault, Stacy Gotzananis, Angelica Hernandez Lugo, Jinling Shen
Non-Teaching Representative Jean Arseneau
Teaching Representative Gavin Kelly
Administration Beverly Coles, Adam Sanderson

Congratulation to all! Our Catholic School Council plays a very important role in our school community contributing to the education of the students. On a regular basis the CSC are bringing forth suggestions from the school community, supporting school goals to enhance the learning of our students, organizing parent workshops and opportunities, and assisting with numerous school activities and events.


Dates Wednesday, October 22nd

Wednesday, November 27th

Wednesday, January 22nd

Wednesday, February 26th

Wednesday, April 22nd

Wednesday, May 13th

Please check the website for CSC agenda and minutes and follow us on twitter @stjuliabilliart.