Dear Parents,

On Tuesday February 27th and Wednesday February 28th JUMP2MATH will visit St. Julia. Our gym will be transformed into a kinesthetic forum of math games. JUMP2MATH is a multi-sensory approach to teaching math that incorporates physical exercise, stretching, cross-body movements, cooperative learning, and visually-pleasing floor mats. This active math program allows parents, students, and teachers to enjoy active learning together while traveling to each interactive math station.

Family Math Night:Engaging Families in Kinesthetic Math Learning

On Wednesday February 28, 2018 we will be hosting a 2-hour math evening event in our gym beginning at 6:00pm-8:00pm.The JUMP2MATH staff will set up and prepare up to 16 Math stations in our gymnasium covering the math curriculum. Fun and engaging interactive games will allow participants to demonstrate grade specific math skills while using visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning modalities. All St Julia family members are welcome to attend.